Sunday, October 4, 2009

We couldn’t be enemies…

I find it interesting when people you haven’t spoken to in years because of a conflict you both can barely remember resurface. Sometimes, one party is over it and has completely moved on. Sometimes both parties have moved on. Then there is that party that just won’t let go.

Here is the thing. If at one point in time there was a friendship and a ripple in the world has cause you to cross paths again, why not bury the hatchet? Why try and push their buttons, especially, if it’s been that long? What if the last words you said to this person were the last words they heard then they passed, how would you feel?

I made a vow to myself a long time ago. I would never make old friends my enemies, especially if you didn’t kill my mother or put her in any harm. You do something to my mom, yeah we are enemies, if not, I couldn’t be. We all have people who don’t necessarily like us, but I think it bothers us more when the person who used to like us doesn’t anymore. Many times we blow them off by saying forget them or they were reason, season and even holiday people. But what are we really saying? Go to hell? Don’t make a hypocrite of yourself when lost friends resurface. As the days are long and the life is short, don’t let a grudge misjudge what you can later regret.

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